PM Server

Miami, Florida

Last Day to Apply: December 07, 2019

Position: Server

Department: Food & Beverage

Purpose: To provide efficient friendly customer service at all times and to maintain a clean, professional top quality restaurant.

Reports to: Chef & Beverage Director, Dining Manager and F&B Supervisors 

Essential Functions:   

  • Perform all restaurant side work as designated by the supervisor.
  • Efficiently and properly perform all service standards.
  • Attend to all needs of the guests during meal periods, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Report to Supervisor any need for housekeeping and/or repairs of any equipment or restaurant.
  • Must be familiar with and adhere to all liquor liability laws.
  • Must attend all designated pre-meal meetings.
  • Responsible for setting up restaurant area.
  • Adhere to predefined drink service guidelines and responsible for beverage familiarization.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by management.
  • Maintain a neat and professional appearance following the grooming standards
  • Maintain an awareness of liquor costs and minimize waste, which may raise them.
  • Must be familiar with all policies related to liquor liability laws.
  • Ability to open and close the restaurant shift assigned.
  • Must serve all guests in consistent manner, using Novotel Miami Brickell Service Standards.
  • Must be able to bus tables, and re-set the tables as needed.
  • Must be able to use Micros to open and close checks.
  • Must know the menu and be able to describe the items to guests.
  • Must be able to resolve guests’ issues and create an amazing experience.
  • Must be able to communicate and maintain a positive relationship with culinary and stewarding staff.
  • Maintain an awareness of all functions, events and meetings taking place at any given time.
  • Control heavy volume at the restaurant.
  • Knowledge of hotel property.
  • Inform the guest about buffets, hotel activities and community.
  • Attend to and anticipate guest’s needs.
  • Greeting guests. Anticipate guest’s needs to create an amazing experience.
  • Assist with IRD when required
  • Place orders in the Silverware POS System and close checks accordingly. 

Hotel Specific Essential Functions:

  • Ability to work in the bar area, lobby lounge, pool area and banquets as needed.
  • Ability to makes special coffees or drinks for guests.
  • Ability to handle cash, vouchers, coupons, credit cards.

Tools and Equipment:

  • Coffee maker/urn, toaster, microwave, beverage machines, bus trays, dishware, silverware, glassware, queen-mary cart, telephone, pen/pencil

Working Environment:

  • Interior and exterior of hotel, in the restaurant, lounge and kitchen areas, with exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • Exposure to Food and Beverage hazardous cleaning chemicals.
  • Bus and set-up tables in the restaurant to improve services 
  • Maintain a clean and attractive surroundings.
  • Follows Novotel Miami Brickell grooming standards and uses proper vocabulary.
  • Occasional lifting up to 25 lbs. Pushing of supply carts., carrying trays.


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