Chief Engineer

Miami, Florida

Position: Chief Engineering

Department: Engineering

Purpose: To ensure proper training and supervision of all Engineering personnel and to provide consistent, cost-effective maintenance programs that ensure the Hotel’s safe and efficient operation.

Reports to: Director of Rooms

Essential Functions:   

  • Coordinate and operate, in an economical, legal and safe manner, all HEAT, LIGHT & POWER and REPAIR and MAINTENANCE for the hotel.
  • Inspect physical plant and equipment, and shall supervise maintenance and preventative maintenance program of that area.
  • Coordinate with other departments all work necessary to maintain general conditions, safety and health standards set forth by hotel policy and legal requirements.
  • Interview, hire, counsel, train, and discipline engineering associates, in coordination with the Director of Rooms and the Talent & Culture Department.
  • Directly supervises HEAT, LIGHT & POWER associates in operation and control of utilities to provide efficient operation of hotel services and comfort to guests.
  • Recommend to management possible projects for future capital budgets. Obtain bids, supervise and coordinate contractors in performance of project work.
  • Maintain own and hotel's special permits and licenses as required by local authorities.
  • Control schedules, staffing and payroll of HEAT, LIGHT & POWER, R&M. Compile personnel records, logs utilities and keep engineering records.
  • Owns and coordinates and attends the Safety Committee Meeting
  • Maintains the grounds and landscape areas of the hotel to include the garage.
  • Purchases all engineering items for the hotel, according to budget.
  • Prepares annual budget and coordinates it with the General Manager and Director of Rooms.
  • Coordinate the receiving and storage of all engineering materials    
  • Complete all inventory and reporting as required by the Accounting Department
  • Purchase and receiving via POs all orders
  • Maintain Heartist Cafeteria

Hotel Specific Essential Functions:

  • Administrative duties of the department.
  • Safety and Security of the hotel.
  • Repair and Maintenance of all areas
  • Employee’s locker and heart of the house areas.

Tools and Equipment:

  • Telephone, pen/pencil, photo-copying machine, computer, printer.
  • All engineering related tools and equipment.

Working Environment:

  • Interior of hotel, in all areas of the hotel. Exposure to extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Exterior of hotel with exposure to weather conditions.
  • Exposure to various hazardous chemicals.


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