Public Area Attendant

Miami, Florida

Last Day to Apply: July 31, 2019
Position: Public Area Attendant
Department: Housekeeping
Purpose:          To service and maintain the cleanliness of all public areas including public and Employee restrooms, lobbies, pool area, fitness center, and Offices in accordance with hotel Standards.
Reports to:      Executive Housekeeper and Housekeeping Supervisor

Essential Functions:

  • Clean and restock all assigned restrooms on an hourly basis.
  • Remove any garbage and/or glassware
  • Clean walls, doors, light fixtures, baseboards as needed.
  • Spot clean any carpet areas
  • Cleans floors
  • Responds to guest requests
  • To service the offices
  • Cleans and restocks both men's and ladies' Employee restroom.
  • Hands in any articles (lost and found) to housekeeping/loss prevention office.
  • Ensures all furniture, tables and lamps are appropriately positioned at all times.
  • Cleans mirrors and picture frames.
  • Cleans Guest elevators.
  • Recycles at every opportunity (newspaper, glass bottles, etc.)
  • Performs any special duties as assigned by management.
  • Performs guest room services for occupied rooms or check out as needed.
  • Stocks and prepared room attendants carts for next day use.
  • Fills up chemical bottles.
  • Maintains housekeeping office and chemical rooms clean and organized.
  • Cleans penthouse restrooms, foyer, fitness center and pool deck


Hotel Specific Essential Functions:

  • Ability to complete any cleaning task in a safe manner using appropriate chemicals and methods
  • Greet Guests meeting the 10/5 standard
  • Have knowledge of  overall hotel facility and various services


Tools and Equipment:

  • Operate vacuum cleaner and handling procedures of various cleaning chemicals (SDS, Right to Know program and Bloodborne Pathogens).
  • Use of telephone system     
  • Use of department paging/radio communication system

 Working environment:

  • Constant mobility (walking, standing, bending, use of hands)
  • Lifting minimum 25 lbs., pushing of supply carts
  • Moving of furniture and supply boxes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Outdoor exposure (includes sidewalks, crossing the street, dumpster area, hotel parking lot)
  • Constant mobility (walking, standing, bending, use of hands), lifting up to 25 lbs., pushing of  carts or luggage like carts, bags with linens or trash.
  • Use of telephone system     
  • Use of department paging/radio communication system


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